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Lagos 1.jpg_sSearching for an investment property in another country overseas is less stressful when you’ve got the right information to start is focusing exclusively on Algarve property with income, provides a comprehensive place for property hunters.
Being able to start the search with us this way helps to narrow down your choices as you move forward.
Below is an example of a typical income contract In Algarve.

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An example of an investment for three Years:

The purchase is completed in the traditional system, with an option of guaranteed income for the period agreed :

Price payable by the fraction ……………………….€ 158,000.00
Guaranteed investment of 3 of 5.% per year ….€7,900.00
Guaranteed appreciation in the period, based on the average Portuguese Inflation over the last two years:
2011 – 2012 = 2.45%…………………€ 3,871.00

Condominium price…………………€ 158,000.00
Income plus appreciation over 3 years contract .
158.000.00 € x 5.% = € 7900.00 x 3 = € 23,700.00
Appreciation € 158.000.00 € x 2.45% = € 3 871.00 x 3 = € 11,613.00

Profit on investment following a three year contract:
€ 23.7000.00 + 11.613.00 = 35.313.00 € = € (23.55%)
Annual income, investment return 23.55% : 3 = (7.75%)

The above example does not constitute business, price, condition or obligation. The example is merely a logical framework of the business.
The business conditions and the price will be listed in the contract.
Contracted conditions will be included in a pre-contract or proposed sale.

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