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Grandes oportunidades invista agora

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(Grandes oportunidades invista agora)

We all remember that real estate bubble originated in the sector expleculação in the US that exported, so ominously for the economy of most countries:
The construction sector and investments until then was invigorating, continuously growing, invited anyone be- if owner, investing in real estate, urban planning, tourism, governments and Loans to never tired in winning every day.
The activity itself significantly moved the economies of countries, especially in North America, and Europe.

The stories of crises
History ally, the saying people say, after the storm comes the calm;
This is how the world will continue in its existence
Crises sometimes devastating, where many are left behind, also have benevolent effects, provides new challenges, and large windows open good opportunities in all sectors.

The tourism investment sector over the years was the area that most wealth generated in the aspect of construction and tourism:
This sector has enabled the states fit great sums received by taxes in the calculation of activity.
The dynamics of the sector was so attractive way, invited everyone bet on investment activity.
The States created infrastructure banks proposed financial support, investors in effective demand of surplus value and profit, not lose the opportunity of circumstance .
At the time, any small investor, even without investing money, knew little past its investment, valued, sometimes double, financial costs of the investment were secured by the operation.

The decrease in activity, led the states, also Portugal, to rethink and redefine priorities, revitalizing and supporting the area of investment and tourism, until some time deficit, once dynamic and rich.
Today the Portuguese state, is the first help and invite foreigners to apply capital in real estate investment and tourism, offering preferential terms with such “Visa Gold”.
Everything happens naturally in view of the great importance for the economy, a valuation perspective and added value for Tourism Investment sector, the State and private investors components, regardless of their financial capacity and resources.

The sector Tourism Investment in Portugal is recognized internationally by the authorities, to be highly relevant, consistent and more attractive, creates wealth enough, high sustainability.
Portugal is an integral part of modern Europe and developed in all areas, deserving Tourism, pride of place, the results of excellence has been recognized as the lever exports. Portugal has been put up in the ranking of best performance in the tourism sector in Europe, deserving of praise featured several sources.
Europe, gives relevance rather, to the tourism sector, its performance, defines Portugal as useful destination safely , climate of excellence, good beaches, highly rated golf courses, high level of gastronomy, affable people, best practices, privileged geographical position, has the largest EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone (maritime), the world of odd offerings, Portugal classified as best destination for leisure and World vacation. Journals of the international tourism sector classified Portugal as the best destination in the world for tourism, leisure tourism, seasonal tourism.

Foreign compliance, given the progress experienced in recent times, among others, the US defines Portugal as one of the best countries in the world for living, holidays and invest in real estate investment products, with special emphasis on tourism investment. Alert readers usually find in the articles published in various international journals, specialty.

Á 10 years ago, an investment average, T1, worth the purchase: 220 . /230.000.00€, with a tendency to time, recovery next 8-10% per annum
Today this type of investment, worth € 130.000.00 to 150.000.00 €, with probable recovery factor of 7% per annum;
In ten years your investment is worth € 221.000.00
It receives an annual income equivalent to 6% year .

See what you can earn on your investment in ten years!

Investing is an art, the art of knowing and put their money, applying capital investments in real, visible, you control the whole time.
The tourism investment is desirable, it is course, is transparent, is solid:
Because money is not cava and costs a lot to gain, just a tourism investment in the Algarve you can give:
Growth, Value, Free Vacations, Happiness, Protective Life Insurance of your future and Family :

Camil guarantee, a world of investments at their disposal to apply capital to its extent, in the best financial market conditions, come today to the information center:

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